Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Answer to a Momma’s Prayer

Today Ava Kate got to go spend her first day at Mrs. Lucy’s or as the kids call her Lulu. We have been looking for a while now for full time childcare for Ava Kate for the fall. We have been on multiple wait lists around town and so far had not gotten a spot at any of them. Then we found out we were pregnant which meant we were going to be looking for a place for a baby too and my heart just couldn’t stand to put a 2 month old baby in a normal daycare setting so this momma had been saying a lot of prayers that the Lord would provide the perfect place for my babies. And He did! We found out about Mrs. Lucy, who happens to live right around the corner from us, through a friend of mine who has been sending her kids to Lucy for a few years now. She raved about how wonderful Lucy is and told me she would check to see if she had any openings for the fall. When she called and said she had 2 openings for the fall I was thrilled! I talked to Lucy on the phone, stopped by and visited one day while the kids were there, talked to a couple of other moms that send their kids there that again raved about her and then Ava and Justin got to meet her and each step was just added confirmation that this was the place for our kids to be. I have had such a peace about them being there and yesterday just reassured that.

Ava Kate has gotten so that lately when we take her to church or MDO she often cries and doesn’t want to stay so I was a little nervous yesterday about how she was going to react to a brand new place. But my worries were put to ease quickly, she was so excited on the way there and when we walked in she walked straight over to the baskets of toys and started exploring while Lucy and I visited for a while. When it came time for me to leave I had hoped to slide out without her noticing but of course she looked over at me just as I was about to leave and so I told her bye and to have fun and I’d be back in a little bit. She just looked at me, nodded her head and shrugged and went back to playing! Wow, was that really my child? When I picked her up yesterday afternoon she was happily playing with the other kids and was happy to see me. I asked her if she had fun and she smiled and said yes. Lucy said she had a good day and fit right in and had already been to time out for being aggressive about sharing toys, guess she felt right at home already! When we got home yesterday afternoon she said “mommy, I go bye bye.” And I said “why do you want to go bye bye?” to which she replied “I go back to Mrs. Lucy’s house again!” This momma’s prayers were definitely answered in a big way!

Monday, June 27, 2011

His Supremacy and His Sufficiency Revealed

Today at lunch I decided to eat at my desk and work on catching up on my bible study. I’ve been doing Believing God by Beth Moore and everyday’s lesson is just incredible and so powerful! Today’s was no exception. Today’s session was about how and why God heals and she talked a lot about how the way God chooses to heal probably has to do with His objective for healing, either revealing His supremacy or His sufficiency. Sometimes He heals immediately and in those instances His supremacy is revealed not only to those being healed but those observing. And sometimes He heals through a stitch by stitch process (mending) which can be long and painful and often in these times He is revealing His sufficiency to the one being healed and the ones that love that person and intercessing on their behalf. The faith journal question for today was “How has God powerfully revealed His supremacy or His sufficiency to you?” Wow, I almost broke down in tears at my desk when my mind immediately thought of my two precious babies and the journeys we walked to both.

God most definitely used the 5 year journey to Ava Kate to reveal His sufficiency to me. It was a long, painful journey and very much felt like a stitch by stitch process but like a seamstress mending cloth He was always holding me in His hands through the process. I very much feel that trial was about growing my faith in Him, learning I am not in control as I so want to be and finally surrendering to His plan and coming to a place of peace and hope that He would bring healing to my broken heart that so longed for a child in His way and His time.

And now our much shorter journey to Jett Wilson has very much revealed to me His supremacy! This fall the desire for another child began to grow in our hearts and God prompted us to have someone pray over us for healing and seemed to speak to both of us that He would do that. I can’t even describe the peace and assurance and faith I had that He was going to do what He said He would do. And a few months down the road there we were staring in awe at a positive pregnancy test, something our infertility doctor would have told us would have been very unlikely but not for the Almighty!

I know that here in this life there are many situations and circumstances we will never understand but I love how sometimes God slowly pieces the puzzles of His mysteries together for us and today He did that for me. I’ve been learning a lot about faith, not just the faith to believe there is a God and that He saved me but a faith in all His abilities and all the seeming impossibilities He is so capable of overcoming. And I truly am believing more and more that often what hinders us from seeing God do miracles is not because He has ceased doing miracles but our doubt and lack of faith. And I truly believe He used the journey to Ava Kate to grow and deepen our faith so when it came time for Him to bring physical healing and our little Jett that we would have the faith to believe He could and He would do just that.

His love, His deep ways, His goodness, His intricate plans, His abilities just astound me more and more! He is so good! Right now I know many people that are in need of healing both physical and spiritual and I’m believing Him to do that!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wishing and Hoping and Dreaming

of blue!!! I'm having so much fun planning and dreaming up Jett's nursery! I'm so in love with the grey on my bathroom walls that I'm pretty sure we are going to paint his room that same color. It has surprised me what a happy and soothing color it has turned out to be, it's my favorite wall color in our house.

I have ordered swatches for this precious bedding from Land of Nod and am almost certain this is going to be the bedding for little Jett's crib.

We will use the same crib, rocker and changing table that we used for Ava Kate. I'm going for a mixture of modern and vintage to suit Justin's taste and mine. the colors will be blues, greens and grey with lots of white and off white accents. These are some of the cute accent pieces I'm hoping to add as finishing touches.

Jett in white letters for his wall

A cute little clock to help me keep track of feeding times in the wee hours of the night!

Of course we'll need lots of storage for all the gear that comes with a newborn

Retro but modern framed art introducing him to his numbers

And letters

Catching Up

I can't seem to stay caught up with the blog anymore so I posted several new posts so be sure to keep scrolling down for new posts on what we've been up to this summer, a letter to Jett, Ava's big girl bed, Father's Day and Lila and Laney's Luau. And I'm going to try hard to stay more caught up on my posts but I am not making any promises!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Luau for Lila and Laney

Last weekend Lila and Laney came to town so we could all celebrate their 10th and 5th birthdays with them! Our family loves celebrating birthdays together and our favorite way to do it is with food so it was fun to have them here for their birthdays this year. We decided to have a Luau at Grandmother and Papa's house. It was a blast and the girls loved it! We had pulled pork, a watermelon basket, umbrella cupcakes, punch and finished off with homemade ice cream. The kids swam for hours and did a little hula dancing.

Of course while the girls were in town we had to keep our tradition and have a slumber party and this time all three of them got to sleep together in Ava Kate's new big girl bed! We took the girls to Nikki's for yogurt, rented Gnomio and Juliet and went to the zoo the next morning! And now we get to look forward to going to spend a few days at their house a little later this summer!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thankful for Father's

I am so thankful for all the loving father's I have been blessed with in my life! I grew up with a loving, giving, hardworking, encouraging father who always made me feel loved, accepted and secure, something I know not everyone is so blessed to have. I also have a wonderful papa who not only called me his princess but always made me feel like one. And now I am married to a handsome, loving, supportive, helpful man that I have had the pleasure of watching turn into a tender, loving, playing, laughing father! And when I married him I got a great father in law too.

This year we got a special treat on Father's Day after we got up and gave Justin his gifts I got to join the rest of my family to hear my Papa teach his Sunday School class. What a gift God has given him, he truly pours himself into his teaching and spend hours each week preparing his lessons and it shows. After church we went to Nana and Pop's for roast and chocolate torte to celebrate our fabulous men!