Monday, April 30, 2012

Much to Celebrate!

The last month has brought with it many positive changes! First up, Jett is sleeping from 8:30pm-4:00am in his own bed, hallelujah! And because I’d miss our snuggling time at 4am I put him in our bed to feed him and go back to sleep. Next up I started a fit camp with the goals of losing the last few pounds of pregnancy weight, getting back into the habit of exercising regularly and getting back into running. And I can honestly say after one week I’ve made a lot of progress especially on the 2nd and 3rd goals. I’m enjoying getting to workout in the mornings again, my body is somewhat adjusting to getting up at 4am everyday and last Friday’s workout was nothing but running and I ran longer than I have in a couple of years and actually enjoyed it. And last and probably the biggest accomplishment, Ava Kate is also sleeping in her own bed again! Ever since she got E Coli this summer we let her sleep with us and never moved her back to her bed, I kept coming up with excuses like well she’ll know its because the baby is coming, then when Jett got here and he was sleeping in our bed I didn’t want her to feel like the new baby was booting her out, etc, etc. I had been dreading the transition since she is in a big girl bed and is pretty strong willed but it went amazingly smooth. She didn’t really fuss or fight us on it at all. Of course we’d been talking about it for a couple of weeks and finally Friday night I said okay Ava tonight you are sleeping in your own bed. We put her in bed, read her some books and lay with her till she falls asleep. She does usually wake up once in the night whining and one of us goes back in to settle her until she falls back asleep and then she stays in her bed until 6am. All this change is making for one very happy mama!!! And I think tonight we'll celebrate with some sort of special treat, which I may or may not write down in my fit camp food diary!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

All Aboard the Ooh La La Carriage

This week was Young Childrens Week at St. Johns so part of the festivities for the week was a parade and pep rally. The kids could decorate a wagon or bike to ride in during the parade. I was determined that we were going to decorate our wagon with these we already had around the house. I was looking around the playroom and saw a pink boa which inspired our Fancy Nancy esque Ooh La La Carriage! Ava Kate loved riding in her carriage with Mary Claire in the parade and she especially enjoyed the Abilene High cheerleaders who led the kids in some Eagle cheers. She is still going around cheering Eagle Mania, which her daddy, a Cooper High alumni especially loves!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fly a Kite

This week I was on my way to pick Ava up from school and saw some people out flying a kite. It made me want to fly a kite so after I picked up the kids from school we went to Target in search of a kite and of course came out with many other things we didn’t need but that wouldn’t be a normal trip to Target if we didn’t . We met Justin at home, packed a picnic dinner, the camera and our kite and headed to the park. We ate our picnic, took turns flying the kite, took a little walk and stopped to play on the playground. Evenings like this are why I love spring!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Our good friends Brad and Amy welcomed their new baby Grant into the world this week, we are all so excited about Jett’s future golf buddy!


Sunday we had some mommy daughter time with friends at the Alice in Wonderland at the Paramount. While the show didn’t really wow the girls or the mamas it was fun to get dressed up and have a little girl time with my big girl! As you can see she was not wanting to be a part of the photo shoot!


These are some of our failed attempts at pictures in the bluebonnets, first of all we picked the wrong time of day for lighting, second we waited a little too late and a lot of the flowers were already dead, third we tried to do this in the middle of nap time.

Boys and Baseball

Ethan and Keller are both playing baseball this spring so we have enjoyed getting to go cheer both of them on and enjoy this beautiful weather we have been having lately well except for the crazy wind! Makes me look forward to the years ahead of cheering on our little Jett!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Nana!

This week we got to celebrate Nana's birthday! Nana picked Papa's yummy steaks, baked potatoes, salad, green beans and Grandmother made some delicious rosemary rolls. She had a chocolate mousse cake for dessert! The kids love singing Happy Birthday and we got some pretty cute pics of all of them with Nana! These babies love their Nana but then again what is not to love about one of the sweetest most loving and patient people I know! I love her too! Ava Kate has really enjoyed celebrating all these birthdays the last few months and she is so sweet about telling everyone Happy Birthday and takes such delight in giving birthday gifts, I love her sweet little heart!