Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eleven Months

Ava is really changing and growing up quickly, becoming more and more independent and we are seeing more of her personality coming out. In the last month she has become very mobile although not walking yet she can get to just about anything she wants to and she is pretty quick about it. She has also learned to throw a fit when she cannot have what she wants, complete with screaming and back arching. She is really wanting to talk and attempts to mimic just about everything we say except mama and I’m almost certain she is holding out on that one just to torment me! While last month her obsession was pulling all the books off her bookshelf, this month it is pictures. She loves to walk up and down the hall and look at all the family pictures while we point out who is in each photo. She says “whoozat” (interpreted whose that) to each picture as we walk by, so big! Her current favorite is the picture of Oscar in the living room and we have to look at it at least a dozen times a day and she attempts to say his name. She also says “Aya” when she sees pictures of herself. She has also started doing a new groove when we are riding in the car and music is playing where she kind of gets a serious look on her face and bobs her head to the music. She is finally starting to get more teeth only instead of cutting her top front teeth next she is cutting her top side teeth, it is a pretty funny sight to see when she throws her head back and you just see those two little fangs as we lovingly refer to them (you can see them in one of the pictures below). A couple of weeks ago her and I both got to experience something new, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease and let me just tell you it is no fun! She started running fever and it lasted a couple of days so we finally took her to the doctor and he said she had HFMD and a double ear infection. The HFMD caused her to have ulcers on her throat so she was in quite a bit of pain between that and the ears and cutting two teeth. A couple of days later I started running fever and then developed a very sore throat so I went to the doctor and he thought it was the flu or strep but both tests were negative. The next day when I started getting blisters on my tongue, lips and gums I realized I too had HFMD. Thankfully the last week or so we have all been healthy. And I'm also sooo very thankful that the last two nights she has slept two hours straight after being back to waking up several times a night wanting to be fed for several weeks now. Tonight we celebrated her 11 month birthday with some of her favorites for dinner- macaroni, mashed potatoes and corn- she is a girl after her mama's heart and loves those carbs! Then we topped it off with some cookies and cream ice cream another thing she and I both love!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Funny Valentine

Today we got to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day with Ava Kate. We made some Babycakes for her MDO class. She got a pretty rose with a balloon and bear from Grandma and Grandpa and her favorite yogurt treats and a soft pink bear from Nana and Pop and from us she got two books, a Valentine’s rubber duck and a dress. I suggested to Justin that he and I not celebrate Valentine’s with each other and instead each plan a random day during the year for each other, a Just Because I Love You Day, and just make Valentine’s Day about Ava. He was thrilled with this idea however he didn’t really stick with it. He and Ava spoiled me. I love the canvas sign they made me with her handprint and the beautiful flowers from Ava. Justin also got me another Sugarboo frame with the chorus from “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder, a song my parents sang to me when I was a baby and we sang some to Ava. We enjoyed a weekend at home together and a big lunch at Chilli’s today, complete with dessert which Ava went bananas over.


We recently have made a big decision and change for our family. We have started attending Beltway and joined a Life Group there. It has been a very exciting few weeks to see God really working in our lives. I have felt very refreshed and renewed in my walk with God. I have also been removed from my comfort zone and God is definitely stretching me and I’m pretty sure Justin would say the same. We are currently doing a church wide study on the power of the Holy Spirit and I am just soaking it up. Every week I am so anxious to hear what God is going to teach me through the sermon because every week I’m learning something new and really being challenged and forced to think about some topics I had always avoided because they took me out of my comfort zone. One thing the pastor said today that really got me thinking is that if we choose to not to use the spiritual gifts God has gifted us with we are withholding God’s grace from those that need it because the reason God gave us our spiritual gifts is to use them to minister to others so they might see God’s grace. So I encourage you to think about that… what is your spiritual gift and how are you using it?