Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vacation at Grandma's

Memorial Day Weekend we took a trip to Houston to spend several days with Grandma! It was the perfect getaway! We all had a great time with Grandma! Can't wait for her to be here in Abilene with us soon! We went to the Houston Aquarium and Ava Kate loved all of the fish and sea creatures, especially the seahorse and the white tiger which we are still all wondering why it was at the aquarium. We spent a lot of time at Grandma's neighborhood pool and Ava Kate was getting really brave and jumping off the side over and over and over! Jett got to go for his swim while we there and he loved it too, my little fishies! We did some shopping at the outlets, went to the zoo, had Torchy's Tacos and Amy's ice cream, two of our favorites, and mommy and daddy got a date! For a few days we had no schedule, worries or responsibilities while Grandma spoiled us all rotten! Thanks Grandma for lots of fun memories!