Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just the Three of Us

Two isn't Always Terrible!

While two can come along with some terrible tantrums and fits there are also some very funny and amusing moments as well, I think that doesn't happen by coincidence! The last couple of weeks Ava has kept us cracking up with some of the things she comes up with so I thought I'd share some.

The other night we are in the car heading home and Ava says "mommy I'm sleepy, it's the baby in my tummy." Then later the same night we were laying in bed together and she said "ouch my tummy hurts, it don't feel good, I have a baby in my tummy." Now where do you think she would have heard that from? Surely not me!

Last Tuesday when I picked her up from school her teacher said, "Now we just wanted to let you know that today when we were in line to wash hands, Ava got out of line and came to the front and put her hands out and we said "Ava you have to wait in line, you have to be patient." To which Ava shouted "I not patient!!!!!" Her teacher said it shocked them because she is normally pretty quiet. Justin wasn't surprised at all in fact his response was "Sounds like someone else I know." Of course he wasn't referring to me.

Ava has a deep love for spanish rice and refried beans, a girl after her mommy's own heart. We often meet Grandpa for dinner on Tuesday's at Taco Tuesday and so many evenings when we get in the car to leave the gym she will say "Go eat grandpa, rice and beans." The other night we went to get a blizzard and I told her she could have a treat in her blizzard such as oreos or m&m's so when I asked her what she wanted in her blizzard she replied "Rice and beans!"

This morning when I wasn't feeling well Ava said "mommy you not feel good, I hold you mommy", melt me!

Mother's Day Blessings

What a special day Mother's Day will always be to me, for the special gift and blessing of getting to be a mother and now not to just one precious child but two, for the rich blessing of having such a beautiful legacy set before me in my mother and grandmother who love their family and above all else love their Lord, for the gift of gaining a loving and thoughtful mother in law when I married Justin and for the gift of all the other lovely women in my life who encourage me as a mother and as a daughter of Christ!

My day began with chocolate donuts in bed, Ava went with Justin to get them and came running down the hall yelling "mommy we got you donuts mommy!" She was so proud and happy to have gotten me something she knows I love and I'm sure the fact that she loves them too had something to do with it. Ava painted me a beautiful canvas for me to hang very proudly in my office at work. Justin treated me to a manicure and pedicure, gave me a certificate for date night of my choice and got me a lovely new dress.

My allergies kept us home from church but after some extra sleep and allergy medicine I was feeling better. We ate lunch at grandmother and papa's where the guys treated us to homemade burgers, french fries and ice cream! And I went back for seconds on all of it! We were glad the Muzechenko's got to join us for lunch and the girls got to play for a while. After we let all of that delicious food settle we decided to take a dip in the pool to cool off from this 100 degree weather. I even got in a little nap on the glider on the back patio. It was a lovely Mother's Day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hanging with the Big Girls

This past weekend Lila and Laney got to come spend the weekend at grandmother and papa's house. We had a blast with them as always. We got to break in grandmother and papa's new swimming pool even though it might have been a bit too early, there were several squeals when we first got into the very chilly water. We went for ice cream and took the girls to get spring haircuts. They both got really cute bobs and Ava decided she wanted a haircut too. After much debate and discussion with the stylist who convinced me that trimming her hair wouldn't make the curls fall out since she has such strong curls I finally agreed to it. I just knew Ava wouldn't want to sit still for her but put her in a little car with a lollipop in front of Toy Story 3 and the girl might not move for hours. Lila and Laney got pretty new dresses so we decided to take some pictures of the girls with their lovely new haircuts. I can't believe how big they are all getting, Lila will be 10 next month and Laney will be 5! I still remember the first time I held each of them in my arms, tear! And can't you just see the sweet sisterly love they share, what a precious relationship those two have! And Ava thinks they both hung the moon!