Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just Call Me Shirley

The stomach bug hit our house this week, bad news is it got all of us, good news is it was very short lived!  But Saturday I was still sick so daddy had to take Ava Kate to Henley's Princess B'day party!  When I told her it was a princess party and she could wear one of her dress up dresses she didn't choose one of her many princess dresses she chose Aunt Natalie's dress and her tap shoes, which we all call the Shirley Temple outfit because with her curls, her round face and her funny expressions we think we have our own Shirley Temple!  She had a blast getting her hair and makeup done and then walking the runway with all her little girlfriends!  And she took a nice long nap when she got home!

Monday, September 17, 2012


I can hardly believe my baby girl is already 3 1/2!  We had an impromptu 1/2 year celebration after school.  She wanted cupcakes so we went to McKay's for some sweet treats and afterwards we watched a few of her baby videos together at home.  Of course I got all teary eyed reminiscing and thinking about how fast time flies.  And after all of that and knowing my littlest baby won't be a baby much longer, I got the urge to do it all again, although not anytime in the near future!

She is a spunky, smart, observant, dramatic, stubborn, clever, beautiful, imaginative, frilly, bossy and silly 3 1/2 year old!  She has a memory like no other and will hold you to anything you tell her!  She loves her baby brother and for the most part loves sharing her things with him, looking out for him and wrestling with him!  She loves to play babies, dress up, doctor, barbies, house, anything imaginative!  She enjoys reading books, loves Doc McStuffin, adores her teacher Mrs. Williams, is crazy about candy corn, likes to pray for others at bedtime and brings us more and more joy each day!

I love you so much love bug!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Little Senorita!

Ava Kate had Fiesta Day at school and got to wear her pretty little Mexican dress her Aunt Lisa bought for her! She looked too cute not to take a picture!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

West Texas Fair & Rodeo 2012

Jett got to experience his first trip to the West Texas Fair and Rodeo this week! He loved the french fries, funnel cake and lemonade! He also loved the carousel, his little legs were kicking like crazy with excitement! Ava Kate was also a lot more brave about the rides this year, she loved all the little car rides, the carousel and the little ferris wheel. She too loved the lemonade, Aggie fries, funnel cake and of course the cotton candy! We went with Nana and Pop and Keller and Keller was really brave this year! He was riding all of the big rides and dragging Pop and Justin along with him. Poor Pop got a little queezy from the Tilt A Whirl. No one wanted to ride the Spider with him so the brave little guy rode it all by himself, can't believe how big he is! Ava Kate and Jett both had a blast feeding the animals at the petting zoo in fact we had to go through twice. The next night after ballet we even went back to see the rodeo and watch the crowning of the rodeo queen! We even saw the Phelps there and Haylee and Ava Kate got to sit together during the rodeo but unfortunately Jett got too fussy so we didn't get to stay and watch Harrison doing his Mutton Bustin. All in all I'd say it was another fun year at the fair though!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Gruene Family Trip 2012

As soon as Grandparents Day was over at Ava Kate's school we piled in the car and picked up Jett and headed to one of our favorite family getaways, The Gruene Mansion Inn at Gruene, TX. I think we decided this was our 6th annual Gruene family trip. Ava Kate was so excited to see Aunt Lisa, she kept saying she is the funnest! And the whole time we were there she kept calling the cabins, Aunt Lisa's house! As usual we ate lots of yummy food, enjoyed the live music playing all around us, did lots of walking, some shopping in Gruene and at the outlet malls and just enjoyed some family time together! Jett especially enjoyed the breakfast every morning at the mansion and the mashed potatoes at the Gristmill!