Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Precious Nest for Our Sweet Baby Bird!

Today we got the mattress and the final piece of her bedding and got her crib all set up. Her nest is now ready! Below are some photos of the complete nursery- now all we are missing is our sweet baby bird!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Countdown is On!

I’m now 31 weeks- yippee! I saw the doctor today and everything looked great! She said Ava Kate is head down although that could change still in the coming weeks. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be on weight gain even though I did gain 3 lbs in the last 2 weeks which made me panic a bit at first. I have definitely noticed that my energy level has dropped off significantly and getting up at 6:45 or 7:00 every morning is a challenge so needless to say I haven’t been getting to the gym in the mornings. We have been walking pretty much everyday though and with some of these gorgeous days we have been having in the middle of January we have had some really beautiful walks through the neighborhood that felt more like spring. The other day I told Justin it was just so pretty outside and I had my music going and it really made me want to break out and run but I decided I should probably refrain and not start training for another marathon until after she arrives safely! Actually I don't think I'll ever train for another full but I'm contemplating training for a half with one of my best friends Robyn as a means of getting myself motivated to get back to my normal size after Ava Kate arrives. I also started daydreaming the other day when we were walking and it was feeling so much like spring of getting to put her in the stroller and go for walks/jogs together through the neighborhood this spring. According to friends I am carrying pretty high which is contributing to some major heartburn and acid reflux these days. As you can see in my 31 week photo some major growth has happened in the last few weeks. This picture is almost strange looking because you can really see at the top of my ribs where my belly is popping out and let me tell you I can really feel it at my ribs where it is stretching. Justin has been wonderful though giving me a foot, back or rib massage every night and sometimes all three. We started our childbirth classes a couple of weeks ago and that has been pretty enlightening. This week we have our breastfeeding class and I know Justin is really looking foward to that one. I've also been reading up on lots of newborn books and filling Justin in on all the tips I'm learning. I have multiple spreadsheets I'm using to be sure we get everything done before she arrives. Yes I know how nerdy that sounds and I also know we will never be as ready as we think we might be no matter how many spreadsheets and checklists I prepare! We've definately been spending more time at home just resting up for the days ahead. We did go to our Sunday school social last Friday and I even bowled and it seems that pregnancy improves my bowling skills. I actually had a strike and a couple of spares which never happens for me- I typically spend all my time in the gutters. The cravings have really started to kick in and they are not exactly the most nutritious choices. I am normally not a big chocolate fan in fact I'll almost always go with a fruity dessert over a chocolate one but not these days. Saturday morning chocolate donut runs have become a regular thing around here. I also love brownies and hot chocolate. We are planning our last hurrah this weekend and going to visit our friends Robyn and Jerrod and their kids on the ranch. Robyn is already planning a delicious menu for the pregnant lady and she is a very good cook so I'm really looking forward to it! Today I picked up the last of Ava Kate's bedding and it turned out beautiful! The mattress has not yet arrived so we'll have to wait for it to get here to really get it all on the crib but I went ahead and set it up as much as I could for a photo. Her nursery is almost complete. Now the countdown begins as we just await the arrival of our precious pearl!
31 Week Belly!
Bumper pad and dust ruffle
Pretty curtains!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Aubrey's Top 8 Blessings of 2008

Happy New Years!
I hope you all have a very blessed 2009! I can only imagine that it will become one of the best years ever at the Jarrett household. As I reflect on the past year I realize just how blessed I am and want to share some of the best blessings in fact we’ll call it Aubrey’s Top 8 Blessings of 2008!

8. Good jobs- Justin and I are both blessed with great jobs. We work with people that genuinely care about us. Of course this last year with all the Lubbock trips we both had to be away from work quite a bit and both our jobs were so good to work with us through all of that. Also in light of the economy I know we are both just very grateful to have jobs.

7. Good health- Although I had some nausea and have had a couple of sinus infections this pregnancy has been really easy compared to what I have seen some friends go through. This Christmas season I saw a lot of families around me suffer with either the loss or illness of a loved one. I am so grateful that our family has been blessed with very good health.

6. Good insurance- Last year we were blessed with new insurance at work which ended up covering the large majority of our two IVF cycles. In 2007 we were still thinking IVF would probably not be an option and that we would be adopting. Things can change drastically in a year.

5. My nurse Kristen and the rest of the doctors and nurses that have helped us through this journey to become parents. Without Kristen I might have had a mental breakdown especially through the first IVF. She was not only there as a nurse but a friend. When she called with the wonderful news she rejoiced with me in fact I think I heard her crying tears of joy with me.

4. Prayers, love and support of you, our family & friends- When our first IVF failed I went through some of the darkest days of my life. I really didn’t know how I was going to survive the heartache and pain that I felt. I still remember when my mom came over the day we found out our embryos from our first IVF were all poor quality and she brought me a very special piece of paper. On that paper was an email that had the names of people that had signed up to cover us in prayer for a whole day during that IVF cycle. Some of my dearest friends had planned and coordinated the whole thing. It brought me to tears to see how many of you were praying for us and in the difficult days and weeks that followed knowing that was truly a comfort to us both. This journey has taught me so many things- patience, humility, and more but one of the greatest lessons I have learned is the power of prayer. Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers- we are so blessed to know each of you!

3. Justin- I’m not sure I would have survived some of the hard times in 2008 without you, my loving and supportive husband, at my side. Although at times this last year seemed like the hardest year we have ever faced together I also realize it was our best year as a couple. I have a tendency to be very independent which is not always good especially for a relationship. This year I really realized I could not be independent and get through the difficult times. It would take the love and support of many to get me through those times and you were always there. Even when you were hurting and grieving you were always a rock for me. You truly follow the Lord’s example of loving. You love so selflessly. You are an example to me of what it means to love as Christ loves. I love you!

2. Ava Kate- my sweet bird, my miracle, my daughter, my dream come true, one of my greatest gifts of love from God. Never in my life have I longed so deeply for something as I did for you. These last six months have been the greatest so far in my life. I can only imagine the months and years to come will be equally as wonderful if not better. I already love you more than I ever imagined I could!

1. A faithful and purposeful God- “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jer. 29:11. This verse has been a great source of hope, comfort and peace for me for the last 5 years. There have been many verses and quotes that I have clung to over this difficult journey but none like this one. Knowing that I have a heavenly father that loves me so much He would allow his only child to die for me and that He has a specific plan and purpose for every part of my life is the most hopeful thing I could ever imagine!


We enjoyed the rest of our holidays and hope you did as well! I know I enjoyed having a lot of time off and just spending time with family and friends. Christmas Eve all of my family came to our house for snacking and gift exchange. Ethan and Keller had a lot of fun with all their new toys. I think Uncle Justin had as much fun with Keller’s hot wheels track as Keller did. Ava Kate got some more cute outfits! We intended to go to the Christmas Eve service but we didn’t quite make it in time. Our friends the Stewarts were in town so they dropped by with their girls to visit with everyone. Christmas morning Justin and I got up and went in our pajamas out to my parent’s house for Santa presents with my parents, sister and her boys. Keller loved his Star Wars Clone Wars game and helmet and Ethan was a little timid of his Batman four wheeler but I bet he’ll be on that thing in no time saying faster, faster. Ava Kate got a darling onesie that says Miracle on the front and has little angel wings on the back. She truly is our miracle! After opening presents we made a huge breakfast and stuffed ourselves to the point that I had to go home and take a nap before getting ready to go to grandmother and papa’s for lunch. We all got a Wii Fit for my grandparents for Christmas so after lunch we all spent hours piled in their bedroom setting up our Mii’s (which was almost as entertaining as actually playing the games) and trying out the Wii Fit games. You should have seen this 6 month pregnant mama hula hooping. I’m sure it was quite a site! We spent the next couple of days baking lots of cupcakes. We had two orders the weekend right after Christmas. Justin, mom, Uncle Dave and I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which was a good movie but a little long especially for me since I’m making more frequent trips to the ladies room these days. Last week my Uncle Nathan, Aunt Sarah and little cousins Lila and Laney came in town so we had several more family gatherings at my grandparents house this past weekend which meant lots more food, more Wii and more family fun!
Ava Kate's first Easter dress thanks to Grandma and Moony!
Precious miracle onesie for our miracle baby- thanks Nana and Pop!
Our own Star Wars Clone!
Getting a little brave!
They were very excited about getting their picture made- can you tell?
My Merry Christmas from Justin!
Aunt Natalie is making sure Ava Kate will be styling with this little dress!
Lila hula hooping- Wii fun for the family!
28 Week Belly- post holiday eating!