Sunday, September 21, 2008

Boy or Girl

A friend suggested I list all of the wives tales about the sex of the baby and put my answers and what they supposedly mean. I figured since we might get to find out this Wednesday I better hurry up and do it so here it goes.

Morning sickness- girl
Heartbeat over 140- girl
Age at time of conception and number for the month conceived added together is an even number- boy
Chinese Gender Chart- girl
Feel less attractive pregnant- girl
Craving salty foods- boy
Craving fruit- girl
Face breaks out more than usual- girl
Urine is dull yellow color- girl
Blossoming up top- girl
Wedding ring on string moved side to side- girl
Sleep on left side- boy

Looks like the wives tales point to girl and most of you think girl but they say the mom's instinct is often right and my gut feeling is its a boy. Daddy however still thinks it is a little girl. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

13 Weeks

This was a very exciting weekend for baby Jarrett. Friday night we had a big night. We met my parents, sister and two nephews at the fair. We had some yummy Aggie fries and burgers. Keller was much braver this year. He rode the ferris wheel with Justin which was a little scary at first but by the end he had a big smile on his face. He also rode the dragon roller coaster with Nana and liked it much better this year than last year when he rode it with Justin. Ethan enjoyed an ear of corn on the cob- he was pretty cute eating it with his little overalls on. Of course everyone had to have some dessert so most everyone had funnel cake but me and Keller went for the cotton candy. It was a lot of fun but also very hot and humid! Justin and I left early to head to the big rival game- Abilene High versus Cooper. In case you don’t know Justin is a Cooper alum and I’m a former Eagle so there was some family rivalry going on. It was quite an adventure just getting to the game. By the time we sat down I was pretty worn out and very hot and there was no breeze at all in that stadium. Thank goodness the Eagles pulled off a win, although it wasn’t the best game I’ve ever seen.

Saturday I got to help a friends mom get her registered for her baby shower. It was fun to look at all the sweet baby stuff and imagine picking things out for our baby in the coming months. Baby Green is going to be one well dressed baby girl. I almost had another fainting spell when we were at Surprise’s but after sitting down and drinking some water I was going strong again. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Robyn, was in town this weekend and so were her sister in laws. All of us along with her mother and all six kiddos headed to the fair again. Fortunately it was much cooler Saturday. I got to enjoy some more fair food and watch the kids enjoy the rides. It is always fun to spend time with the Pittman family because they are pretty much an extended family to me. After all that fun though I needed a nap and I got one. We spent the rest of the weekend with family and friends and resting. It was a pretty big and exciting weekend compared to how we have been spending most of our time the last few months.

Today I'm 13 weeks along. Officially at the end of my first trimester. I think I’m finally starting to get a little more energy and the nausea is pretty much gone now so maybe we will have more big weekends in the coming months. I figure we better do as much as we can while we still can. My first appointment with my doctor here in Abilene is next Wednesday and I’m really hoping she will do a sonogram and maybe be able to tell us if it is a boy or girl. We aren’t anxious or anything! Today Justin sent me an email with the meanings of the two names we have picked. Eli means "offering" or "the Lord answers" which gave me chills when I read it. This baby is such an answer to our prayers and the prayers of many others and it also reminded me of Hannah's prayer for a son, "If you give me a son I will give him to you all the days of his life." Ava means "voice" or "like a bird" which is also fitting considering how much I love to sing and hope one day my child will sing with me and I also really love little birds and nests and plan to decorate the nursery with them if it is a girl. Either way I think we have the perfect names for our sweet baby. I also figured it was time to start documenting the growing belly so below is my first belly photo. It is starting to be more noticeable and my wardrobe is getting more and more limited so I did a little bit of shopping Sunday and got a few cute things to get me through the next few months.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

12 Weeks

My precious baby,
Today you and I have reached a milestone. We have hit the 12 week mark. While I didn’t wake up with a new burst of energy and the nausea hasn’t quite gone away it is still an exciting day and I’m sure those days too will come soon. You are fully formed although you are still quite small, about the size of a lime. You are moving around inside of me and seeing that last Friday was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. You are also starting to wiggle your sweet little fingers and toes now. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that you were only an embryo and we were having our transfer. Oh how my heart ached for you to thrive and grow into a precious baby as you have. I prayed and I really had a great deal of hope that this was it, the moment I had been longing to experience for so long. God gave me such a sense of peace through all of that and through these first 12 weeks. He is so good to me and you my dear little one are one of the greatest examples of his love for me. I know He has great plans for your life for you see you are a miracle baby. One day I will tell you the story of your creation, of all the people that prayed with us for you for many years, of the wonderful doctors and nurses that helped us but most of all of the miracle that God did when He blessed us with the gift of sweet little you. There are so many details of your creation that cannot be explained by science even the embryologist was stumped at your quality. I’m still in awe of what He did. I’m sure you will probably get tired of hearing me tell you about what a special gift you are but that won’t stop me from telling you over and over. While at times I can’t wait for you to make your arrival so I can hold you and lavish you with love, I’m also excited to relish every moment of you growing inside of me!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Bittersweet Day

Yesterday we went to Lubbock for our last appointment there. It was a bittersweet day. We got to have another sonogram and we are both still in awe of what we saw on that screen. The baby has grown and developed so much and really looks like a baby now. Watching the development of the baby just reminds me of what a detailed God we have that he worked out every intricate detail of the miracle of a life being formed. The baby was wiggling around a lot which was just so amazing to watch. It had one of its little hands in the air as if it was waving at us and it has the sweetest, tiniest little feet. I could have sat and watched it all day long. The doctor said it was still too early to tell if it is a boy or girl but she said she was guessing boy based on the heartrate of 164 and she said she thought she might have seen something. She said not to go out and buy anything though because it was just a guess. Dr. Dorsett sat in the room with us for a long time after our appointment just talking with us and letting us ask questions. Then she gave us a hug and we thanked her again for helping make our dream come true. Then we had to say goodbye to Kristen and the other nurses and receptionists. We sat at Michelle's desk for probably a good 15-20 minutes just talking to her and Kristen- I really didn't want to leave. We were all having a hard time saying goodbye. I know it may sound silly to some of you but going through IVF is a very emotional journey and the people at Dr. Dorsett's office, especially my nurse Kristen made it much easier and more bearable than it might would have been elsewhere. We finally pulled ourselves out of there and went to get some lunch. We had Freebirds one last time. It has been one of our frequents when in Lubbock. The road trip was fun for the two of us- we sang together and of course I did a little dancing. Baby better get used to dancing which I think it already is because we decided the wiggling it was doing on the screen looked a lot like dancing! Kristen called when we were on our way home to tell me that my bloodwork looked great which means...drumroll please...NO MORE SHOTS OR MEDS! Although my hips have gotten pretty tough and pretty used to those shots I know they are thrilled about this! Now we will start seeing my doctor here in Abilene. It will feel weird to be able to drive 5 minutes across town to see the doctor instead of driving 2 1/2 hours. Sometimes this wonderful gift God has given us still doesn't seem real but seeing that sweet blessing moving around on the sonogram yesterday made it very real. When we got home yesterday I was wiped out and pretty much crashed for the evening which is why I didn't get the blog updated until today. Below are some pictures of our precious little fig (baby is the size of a fig this week) and a picture of my precious nurse Kristen.