Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two Peas in a Pod

It blows me away how much my two love bugs look alike!

On the Good Ship Lollipop

We hear it over and over again, "she looks like Shirley Temple!" So we decided to try on Aunt Natalie's Shirley Temple-esque dress for grins. Personally I think our Shirley is cuter!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ava Isms

While 2, almost 3 can be a tootie age it can also be a very amusing age. Our almost 3 year old is constantly making us laugh, smile and melt with the precious, funny and witty things she comes up with so thought I'd share some.

The other night we were reading Olivia and Ava called Francine in the Olivia book "Fancy Rine"

Ava recently told me my wedding rings were her special wedding rings and that she was going to wear them and her pretty white dress, and white shoes and veil and that I can't touch them because she is going to get married with daddy!

She often says "daddy you always bossing me". About a month ago she came in my bathroom muttering under her breath in an annoyed voice one morning "Justin always bossing me, him brush me off, him get me dressed, him take me to school!" Next morning while eating her breakfast she told him she wanted oranges and he said after you eat your waffles. She replies "just give me oranges" he does and then she says "oh daddy I so proud of you, you stop bossing me!"

She loves our Beltway worship cd and loves the song "oh taste and see that the Lord is good" and we were listening to it the other day and she said "mommy turn up the Lord!" And she calls roaring like a lion song "Jesus is my lion" and she calls "Deep Cries Out" the "Di da da da di da da" song. She also loves to sing "I am free to run, I am free to dance, I am free to live for you" So precious! I love that she loves worship music!

One night we were praying and Ava tells me who to pray for so tonight at the end she said "and for Santa" so I said "and thank you for Santa" then she quickly said "no not for Santa, not for Santa, just Nana and Pop"

When we went to San Antonio for Christmas Ava calls it Santa Tonio and we think she thinks Santa lives there. She also said Elephant Tonio has elephants there.

When it snowed last month she excitedly yelled "Snow, we can make angels!"

As Ava is falling asleep tonight she says "mama I love you ... and daddy, I love him sooo much and Jett and I'm not going to hit Jett and I'm not going to say I don't love you ever again. Guess she just needed to get all of that off her chest before she went to sleep.

A few nights ago she said she wanted finger steaks for dinner (steak fingers)!

Ava Kate, you bring great joy to our lives!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Spring Fever

All this gorgeous weather we have been having this winter has been giving me Spring Fever so we decided to take advantage on my last day of maternity leave with a trip to the zoo. The weather was beautiful! Ava Kate was our tour guide and Jett slept most of the time. The animals seemed to be out and enjoying the lovely weather as well. After the zoo and naps we decided to finish off the day with a trip to Chuck E Cheese with the Vickers family. Jett had many firsts that day and I think judging by the look on his face in this last photo that he is going to be like his sister and not be too fond of Chuck E.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Four Peas in a Pod

Can you tell what this family likes to do together? They could be an ad for Titliest. The family that golfs together stays together. I wonder if we have a little golfer in the making here. Or maybe two?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2 Months

I think having a baby right in the middle of the holidays makes the time go by twice as fast because it seems like just the other day I was awaiting my sweet boys arrival and now here he is already 2 months old! What a joy he is to our family and what joy he brought us through the holiday season. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying motherhood is all roses and there are many moments when he is screaming or wanting to eat again when it is has only been an hour since I fed him last that I'm not exactly feeling joyful but the love and completeness he brings to our family of four far outweighs the stress and weariness I sometimes feel. He really is a pretty happy baby! He does have reflux like his sister did which at times seems to upset him but he is definately not inconsolable for hours like Ava Kate was as a newborn. He has started sleeping 4-5 hours for one stretch of the night which feels amazing to get 3-4 hours of sleep in a row! Big sister didn't do that until she was 10 months old so this is a whole new thing to us. He is sleeping with us, guess as much as we say we won't be, we end up being a cosleeping family and while it has its disadvantages I do love snuggling with my littles and I realize they will only be little for so long. He has really started interacting with us the last few weeks, giving lots of really big smiles and cooing a lot! I love this age he is getting into. He is also starting to fill out and get a little more chubby which this mommy loves a chubby baby! Big sister is really adjusting pretty well. Anytime I start baby talking Jett though she wonders off and finds an old passy and puts it in her mouth and goes into baby mode hence the reason you'll notice some photos below of her with a pacifier in her mouth even though she hasn't used one in over a year. She does love her brother and first thing in the morning she wants to come snuggle with him. Being two though she is often just busy in her own world and doesn't always pay him a lot of attention. And talk about love, he loves his sister and gives her some of his biggest smiles and coos! It is probably only a coincidence but he also seems to smile with this gleam in his eye when she is getting in trouble! He is definately a mommy's boy although that could just be because I'm his only source of food but very often I'm the only one he wants holding him which can be sweet and at times exhausting. He still likes his nap nanny, he loves the swing lately too and he likes laying on his changing table and looking up at the pictures hanging above it. He has found the ceiling fans and loves to flirt and coo at them. I think he had his first crush on his cousin Lila, he loved her! He is such a snuggly, cuddly, sweet baby boy and he has definately filled our home with an extra helping of love and joy!

2 Month Photo Shoot with Mommy

Playing on his activity mat, he loves this monkey!
Lily was so excited to hold him, she is going to be a great big sister to Ruby Grace!
Napping on daddy, my two boys!

Snuggling with sister!

My two babies!
Ready to play in the little bit of snow we got!
And here is sister with his paci in her mouth!

First nap in his own room, he isn't too fond of his crib yet!
Sister is already making him play dress up with her...
... and baby dolls!

Actually enjoying his bath for once!
Two cuties!
My chubby monkey!