Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life's Precious Moments

This morning I woke up very excited because tonight is the Iron and Wine concert which I have had tickets for a couple of months now. In fact I was the first person in line the day they went on sale, that might reveal to you the depth of my excitement! We were playing in Ava Kate's nursery this morning and I turned on my favorite song that they sing, The Trapeze Swinger and started dancing Ava around the room. She loves to dance and listen to music with mommy! Well I ended up dancing her right to sleep. Talk about making me melt and warming my heart, I was complete mush after that...holding my sleeping baby while we dance together to beautiful music...definately one of life's most precious moments so far!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Beautiful Day to Be Outside!

Yesterday Justin was off and it was a gorgeous day outside so I took the afternoon off so we could take Ava to the zoo. We started off with a picnic lunch at the park where Ava Kate enjoyed her first pickle. She didn't even wince at it, she loved it. Then we played on the playground for a while before we headed over to the zoo. She loved the animals this time and was definately much more aware of what was going on than the last time we took her. Her favorite was definately the giraffe! She would kick her little legs and squeal with excitement everytime she saw one. She crashed the minute I put her in her carseat. It was a big afternoon for her! We finished the afternoon off with a bowl of ice cream at Coldstone and she loved that too!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Book Worm

Now that Ava Kate has learned to crawl and pull up on everything her favorite past time is crawling over to her bookshelf, pulling up on it and then pulling off all the books. After she pulls them all off she either looks at them, eats them or occassionally puts them back on the shelf. By the look in her eye you can tell she feels so big!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

10 Months

My Little Lovey,
The last month has been quite a big month for you! You are growing and changing so quickly everyday. You are soaking up everything around you. You are crawling all over the place now. When you hear the bath water running you crawl from your room to the bathroom, you love bathtime! You are pulling up on everything and you have many bruises to show for it, I'm pretty sure you bump your head at least once a day. I wish I could put a helmet on you for the next few months! You are getting more and more brave walking with your walker toys and walking around the furniture. And you are so proud of yourself when you do! You are saying dada, daddy and uh oh! You wave bye bye and hello to everyone and everything! Often in the mornings you wake up waving and smiling. When I go to get you out of your crib in the mornings you are no longer laying down, you are always sitting up now waiting for me. You are finally getting back to somewhat of a sleep schedule at night after being off one from being sick and being out of town. You still aren't much of a napper. You usually take about three very short cat naps everyday and you rarely nap in your crib. You like to snuggle to go to sleep and that is alright with me! You are very much a mommy's girl still! You almost always cry or at least whine when I leave the room or someone takes you from me. Thank goodness you still love Mother's Day Out though and as soon as you see the other babies in your class you start kicking your legs with excitement. This makes it so much easier for me to leave you on those days. You also love to go to your Nana's and cry when she leaves the room too. One of your favorite games to play when her and I are both around is to reach for one of us and as soon as you switch arms you reach for the other one. You are a bit of an actress and can pucker that lip and push out tears in seconds and go straight into a smile or maybe I should say a smirk! Sometimes when you cry your tears puddle in the little puffs under your eyes and will remain there for a while and talk about breaking my heart! You love yogurt, anything with cheese especially macaroni and cheese and you love to drink water out of your sippy cup! You have plateaud on your weight and have been at 23lbs for the last couple of months but you have grown taller and are now at 28 3/4 inches, I think you are going to be tall like your mommy and daddy. You enjoy being read to, you love to play in your room and you like Barnie and Elmo (even though I really kind of hoped you wouldn't). You are such a gift to your daddy and I and we treasure every moment and memory with you and look forward to all the ones to be made!
I love you my beautiful girl!


Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit this weekend! We are so blessed that even though they are about 5-6 hours away they don't let that stop them from seeing us at least once a month. I'm grateful that even though they don't live close by they are very much a part of our lives and especially Ava Kate's! Maybe one of these days we will get them back here in Abilene for good. As always we had lots of fun- did some shopping, ate lots of good food and took Ava Kate to her first ACU Wildcat basketball game. She loved watching the players and the people but she was not so sure about Willy the Wildcat!

Waving goodbye!