Saturday, September 25, 2010

ABC’s of Eighteen Months

A- Nana put together a calendar of activities for you while she is keeping you and this month you are learning about the letter A and it just so happens you are also learning about it at school
Bubbles- one of your favorite words and favorite things to do is blow bubbles
Curls- your hair keeps getting curlier everyday and it totally melts me

Dolls- you love your baby dolls and your favorite thing is to put all of them in the stroller at once and take them for a walk around the house
Ear infection- you just got your first one since spring and I’m praying it’s not the start of something
First kiss- you love giving kisses right now and you got your first kiss when you went to your first Kindermusik class

Go- you are definitely a girl that loves to be on the go much like your mommy and daddy
Horses- you got to see lots of horses at the parade and the fair this year and you loved them
Independent- you are making your will to be independent very clearly known

Jibber jabber- you do a lot of this right now and you clearly know exactly what you are saying the only problem is we haven’t quite figured out how to translate your little language
Kindermusik- you just started Kindermusik and right now you enjoy running around the room with the other kids more than singing, dancing or playing instruments
Love- you fill my life with this, I still look at you sometimes and seriously wonder if my heart might just explode from all the love I have for you

Mommy’s stuff- you have grown very interested in my shoes, jewelry and makeup and love to be right in the middle of it all
Night night- the progress we have made in this area is extraordinary if you ask me, just 8 months ago you were still waking up 3-4 times a night and now you happily to go to bed awake everynight and sleep 9-10 hours in your crib
Oranges- one of your very favorite things to eat is mandarin oranges
Promoted- you just got promoted out of the nursery and into the 1 year old class at MDO and you are so much happier!
Quack- right now this is probably your favorite word and according to you, every bird, duck and chicken quacks
Red- the color you are learning about with Nana and at MDO

Snacks- you love snacks, you stand in front of the pantry and whine for “sniiiicks” and you are always quick to find the pantry at anyone’s house we visit
Tickle Monster- the name of your favorite book right now, it even has furry blue mittens for the tickle monster to wear while reading the book, you love it… thanks Aunt Lisa and Uncle Steve
Utensils- you are getting to be a pro at using these
Vocabulary- you are saying a new word almost everyday- some of your most recents are banana, ruff, truck, grandmother (granmama), sows (shows which means she wants to watch Jack's Big Music Show or The Fresh Beat Band)
Wave- you wave and say Hi-ee! to everything and everyone these days
Xylophone- you like making music with your stirring xylophone you got from Kindermusik
Yummy, yummy (pronounced uh-my, uh-my)- what you say when you are delighted with what you are eating
Zest- your personality is full of this, you are a very spirited little girl and you bring zest to our life!

I love you like crazy my loving, zesty, independent, quacking, snacking, music making, jibber jabbering, curly headed 18 month old!

- Mommy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun Time with Friends at the Parade & Grace Museum

We had a blast at the West Texas Fair & Rodeo Parade with Jill, Jack Allan & Caroline! Ava was crazy about all of the horses we saw in the parade. After the parade we decided to continue the fun with a trip to the Grace Museum!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School Fun

Today Ava went back to MDO for the fall! I'm so thankful that she has always enjoyed Aldersgate so much. She did have a hard time letting go of mommy today but as usual within seconds she was just fine and when I picked her up she was happy as could be. Daddy and grandpa treated her to a date at Chuck E Cheese while mommy had bible study at our house. She enjoyed the games, pizza and bright lights but she was not too thrilled about Chuck E!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cooking with Mama

Ava is getting more interested in pretend play so we got her a little kitchen. We also had a little table and chairs that my papa made for my mom when she was little and then I played with when I was little. Justin painted it to match Ava's little kitchen. Saturday morning she helped me make some crunch french toast in her new kitchen.

After the painting is complete!

Sassy Pants!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010