Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Signing Off

The main reason I have continued to blog is because every year I print our blog off as a family photobook/journal.  It is my version of scrapbooking or photo albums.  These albums are some of my most treasured material possessions.  However there  is still a lot of reformatting that has to be done when transferring the blog to book which requires endless hours of work so I have decided to just make the books from scratch rather than from the blog.  That means my primary reason for blogging is gone.  What that means for my future blogging I'm not sure- will I quit altogether, just blog a lot less or in less detail?  All I know is lately I've been strongly convicted of wasting precious time with my babes especially while they are little and I would rather spend my time living life than documenting life so this may be the end for me and blogger or it may just mean we see each other less often or this may just be a season where I take a break and eventually pick back up but for now I feel something has to change.


The Brokaws said...

Agh! I'm sad, but I understand. I blog just to scrapbook as well and am planning to have it turned into a book. I didn't know it took so much reformatting. I guess I need to check into that.=)

Anonymous said...

oh this makes me sad since I am not on fb but I totally understand! Hope yall are having a great Spring Break and Ava has a great bday!!